// about me

I am a software developer from Northern Ireland, recently graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science BSc from University of St Andrews.

My main experience is in Java. I have also had experience with HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Python, C#, C and SQL.

// my projects

Google Image Sizer Web Extension

The web extension recovers lost functionality in Google Image searches to enable searching for images by image size, with 7,000 active users across Chrome and Firefox.

Perseverance Game

I created a desktop game called Perseverance, where you control an astronaut and a Mars rover simultaneously to guide the rover back to safety. This was implemented in Java using the Processing library.

This Website!

I designed this website from scratch, giving me the opportunity to brush up on HTML, CSS & JS.

Idea to Grant - Dissertation Project

Idea to Grant is a Firefox sidebar browser extension which enables researchers to identify, manage and share funding opportunities. This was a full-stack project - the front-end was built using HTML/CSS/JS/React, while the back-end was built using Java and Spring Boot.

// contact me

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